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General Conference Survey
Session 1 Felipe Gutierrez CCA AACE Recommended Practice 25R-3 – Estimating Loss Labor Productivity in Construction Claims
Session 2 Laura Fox CCA , Bob Hardy CCA/CCP,  Stephen Strohman CCA Say What! Why am I Paying for This?
Session 3 Brad Sargent CCA, Jim Spencer CCA You Have Deep Pockets – You can Afford for me NOT to Pay You!
Session 4 Alan Small CCA Following Fraud in Construction Management Auditing
Session 5 Ken Brzozowski CCA   /  Ed Travers CCA Importance of Mitigating Risk to Avoid Litigations Loss…Proactive Tools, Measures & Approaches
Session 6 Paul Pettit CCA Construction Projects Gone Wrong: What Social Media Can Teach Us
Session 7 Tony Khoury CCA Be Audit You Can Be Huddle “The Huddle”
Session 8 John Sier JD CCP, Jake Ortego CCA/CCP, Jim Schmid CCA CPA Things I wish that I could tell a lawyer about drafting construction contracts
Session 9 Melissa Goddard CCA Using Fraud Detection Techniques to Enhance Your Contractor Interface
Session 10 Denise Cicchella CCA What every construction auditor and construction professional needs to know about ESG.
Session 11 Deirdre Reed CCA, CPA Compliance considerations regarding direct and indirect costs when construction is funded with state or federal monies.
Session 12 Paul Donovan CCA Labor Rate Workshop
Session 13 Debbie Townsend CCA 7 Opportunities to Influence Overall Project Savings
Session 14 Laura Rogers CCA Role of the Auditor: Project Coordination Teams for Large Construction Projects
Session 15 Dave Potak CCA Helping Clients Navigate the GMP Audit
Session 16 Ben Evans CCA Dispute Negotiation & Resolution in Construction Audits
Session 17 Richard Vermeulen CCA CPA, Christopher Cropley, CPA A Construction Auditors Guide to Prevailing Wage Compliance
Session 18 Dave Christensen CCA Auditing Highway Construction Materials Control for Asphalt or Concrete Mixes and Base Materials
Session 19 Sarah Vendel Corporate Compliance and Fraud Prevention – Is audit talking about the F-word with other departments?