The NACA is proud to announce that over the last year this new Committee was born and grown. The work of the Standards Committee is just starting and over time new members will join the effort to bring definition to the work of NACA members.

The document linked below is one of the first efforts of this Committee to define the role of the auditor. It is not finished and may never be finished. Annual reviews will be tasked to this Committee with input from their fellow NACA members.

We wish to thank the following NACA Members who have given their time and input in getting the Standards Committee off the ground.

Committee founding members: 

  • Jim Schmid CCA, CPA ~ President ResXPC, Troy MI

  • John Sier CCP, JD ~ Attorney Kitch, Detroit MI

  • Adam Rouse CCA/CCP ~ FTI Consulting, St Louis, MO

  • Marvin Johnson CCA/CCP ~ CMP, St Louis, MO

  • Jake Ortego CCA/CCP ~ Principal HPM, Dallas, TX

  • John Wisz CCA ~ WiszCo. Dallas, TX

  • Tina Haubert CCA ~ Mann Enterprises, 

  • Melissa Maiorano  ~ ResX PC, Troy, MI

  • Seth Snyder CCA/CCP ~ Grant Thorton

  • Richard Townsend CCA ~ President, Townsend Associates, Dallas, TX

  • Vinson Chapman CCA ~ Principal, HPM, Dallas, TX

  • Brian Felix CCA ~ Chairman NACA, President CAAP Richmond, VA

Download:   NACA Construction Auditing Professional Standards – 2022