The NACA is proud to announce the adoption of its initial Construction Audit Professional Standards.

The standards document (attachment below) reflects the efforts by key members of the NACA / leaders in the industry who provided their time and expertise during the prior year working as the NACA Standards Committee.

The NACA was created to enhance the control environment related to construction projects. Much of its efforts has been dedicated to the role of Construction Audits, and those performing the audits, as the NACA remains at the forefront of the profession’s body of knowledge.

The NACA Standards Committee was tasked with developing a comprehensive set of professional standards for those performing construction audits; a complex task given the variety of different disciplines and educational backgrounds (e.g., accounting, financial auditing, engineering, project-management, or legal) of those NACA members and others performing such audits.

We wish to thank Jim Schmid, who initiated and chaired the Standards Committee, as well as the other original members. The Committee’s work is not complete and will reconvene later in 2023 to discuss feedback presented by the NACA’s membership.

Jim Schmid CCA, CPA – President, ResXPC, Troy, MI
• John Sier CCP, JD – Attorney, Kitch Law, Detroit, MI
• Adam Rouse CCA, CCP – Senior Manager, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC, Orlando, FL
• Marvin Johnson CCA, CCP – CMP, St Louis, MO
• Jake Ortego CCA,CCP – Principal, HPM, Dallas, TX
• John Wisz CCA – President, WiszCo., Dallas, TX
• Tina Haubert CCA – Vice President, Mann Enterprises, Chicago, IL
• Melissa Maiorano – Senior Manager, ResX PC, Troy, MI
• Seth Snyder CCA,CCP – Director, Grant Thorton, Chicago, IL
• Richard Townsend CCA – President, Townsend Associates, Dallas, TX
• Vinson Chapman CCA – Principal, HPM, Dallas, TX
• Brian Felix CCA – Chairman NACA, Principal, CAAP, Richmond, VA

Download:  NACA-Professional-Standards Document