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The Future of Fraud

Brace Yourself: Cost Reimbursable Contract Pitfalls

Walks Like a Fraud, Talks Like a Fraud…Now What Do I Do

Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask About the Federal False Claims Act

Using Social Media and the Internet to Aid in Investigations.

Construction Estimating and Project Design- Two things that should always go together

Attorney vs Expert Witness

Public Sector Construction Industry Trends & Data Analytics in Construction Audits

How Construction Auditing and Litigation Support Recovered $2.5 million on a $10 million Project

What to Do When Leaders Don’t Want to See Problems

Effective Management of Project Cost – “From the Owner’s Perspective”

Procurement Best Practices: A Case Study

Contracting Smarter: Strategies Designed to Minimize Regular Occurrung Audit Issues

Legends, Lies and Construction Audits

Understanding how DEFAULT Insurance affect the Owner

Construction Auditing: Auditing Beyond Cost and Schedule Risks

Building the Labor Burden