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Dear Contractor/Construction Manager/Vendor:

Thank you for your recent notice claiming force majeure event on ______________ Project.

This acknowledgement of your notice does not concede that the factual basis for a force majeure event has occurred nor does this acknowledgement concede the timeliness or sufficiency of the notice, but is merely an acknowledgement that your notice has been received. Please remember that you have a continuing obligation to assist the owner in mitigating any harm or impacts from this claimed force majeure event. Likewise, the claimed force majeure event does not eliminate or excuse prior or current performance issues that existed before the force majeure event.

We expect that you will be preserving all forms of documentation on this project, whether in tangible or electronic form, from the beginning of your contract performance in order to allow an appropriate assessment of the claimed impacts to the Project. If you fail to maintain all records, that failure will negatively affect any review of your anticipated claim, whether for additional time or cost.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance, and we look forward to a productive review and discussion of the issues that you have encountered.