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The Association is comprised of internal auditors, public accountants, construction accountants, construction project managers, owner’s representatives, architects, engineers, cost engineers, service providers, and educators in related disciplines. We also admit professionals from other groups that are related to the objectives of the Association.


Certified Construction Auditor (CCA) designation focuses on accounting/auditing/consulting professionals whose primary experience is in the field of auditing and evaluating internal controls in the construction project environment. Adherence to NACA’s Code of Professional Ethics.

Construction Control Professional (CCP) designation focuses on project management/project accounting/cost engineering/architectural professionals who possess proven experience and aptitude in controlling construction costs. Adherence to NACA’s Code of Professional Ethics.

Dual Certification (CCA/CCP) someone with the experience to hold both certifications can apply for both.


For people just entering the construction audit niche or those without the minimum number of years to apply for Certification- there is an option to join as an Associate. This membership level grants all Member Benefits accept Certification and is a great route to get you CPE, networking and educational programs.



Members who are senior professionals may petition for certification under this provision.

Candidates must:

  1. For the CCA – have at least five years of professional experience in construction auditing; for the CCP – have at least five years of professional experience in controlling construction cost; Dual Certification requires five years in each.
  2. Demonstrate at least 75 qualifying points;
  3. Submit a completed Petition for Certification; and
  4. Complete a minimum of 20 hrs of Continuing Professional Education per year and report it by Aug. 1st each year.
  5. If granted the Certification – then use of the CCA and CCP require annual reporting of CPE and membership in NACA. 


Note: For degrees, Candidates may claim points ONLY for the highest degree earned.

A. EDUCATION: Associate Degree = 15 points, Bachelor Degree = 30 points, Masters Degree = 45 points and Doctorate = 60 points. Candidates may be required to provide a certified copy of a college diploma or transcript.

Applicants may claim five (5) points for each year of full-time Post-Secondary education ONLY if an applicant does not possess a related Associate or Bachelor degree. ONLY enrollment in an accredited college or university in a related course of study qualifies. This includes, but is not limited to accounting, auditing, business, engineering, architecture, and project management. Credit in this section may not be counted in any other education item.

B. SPECIALTY TRAINING: Claim points on the basis of two (2) points per week of training (40 contact hours) in a related topic area. The training must be from an accredited continuing professional education provider.

C. PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS: A total of ten (10) points may be claimed for each related Professional Designation (e.g. Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Public Accountant, Project Management Professional, etc.). Candidates must provide the complete name of the designation; the name, address and telephone number of the accrediting body granting the designation; and a certificate or license number (if applicable). Maximum of 30 points.

D. EXPERIENCE RELATED POINTS: Claim five (5) points for each full year (min. 50% of time) of Related Work Experience which includes employment in: auditing, construction accounting, construction project management, owner’s representation, cost engineering, etc.


Regular Member Associate Member
Non-Refundable (one time) Application Fee            $250              $250
Annual Membership Dues            $300              $200
Total            $550              $450

There is a yearly renewal fee of $300 for certified members and $200 for associate members.

Dual certification may be applied for at an additional one time fee of $200.


Be sure that you read the Grandfathering provision above. To apply for certification, complete parts 1 & 2 of the application.

To apply for associate membership, complete part 1 of the application.

If you are currently an associate member, you may apply for certification by completing part 2 of the application.

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