What Every Owner Needs to Know When Using CMAR and Design-Build Cost Plus Fee Contracts – How to Maximize Value Received

Rich Townsend presenter

Audit Presentation 2023 NACA – Escalation – Jake Ortego CCA/CCP & Valerie Rogers Smith CCA

 Cost Plus Contracts – Keith Hosmer CCA presenter

 Affects of Poor Project Management – Marvin Johnson CCA/CCP presenter

Auditors vs contractors- Adam Rouse CCA Presenter

 Final Accounting – John Wisz CCA presenter

Audit is NOT the new four letter word – – Ken Brzozowski CCA, Ed Travers CCA, Mathias Johnason and Mike Holland presenting.

The Role of the Integrity Monitor in Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse on Publicly Funded Projects- Richard Vermeulen CCA CPA, / Chrisopher Cropley CPA – YIP Associates

Change Orders Reviews- Patrick Reiser CCA

What’s Wrong With Today’s GMP?_- Steve Strohman CCA & Bob Hardy CCA/CCP – Armanino

Conference – Cost Plus Contracts 9.13.2023 (1)-Paul Pettit CCA presenter

Third Parties Not Third Parties- Ben Evans CCA presenter

Change Orders – Patrick Reiser CCP presenter.