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So I asked a new member how he heard of NACA….
His reply was really great…

“Thank you, Edward, for a quick follow-up. It is both my pleasure and honor to join your society. Truthfully, I came across NACA accidentally.

In the past, it happened quite often that I was supporting typical CPA accountants with technical issues in the process of auditing industrial construction projects, be it a contract, a schedule, labor/materials, not to mention investigating the claims. And I was always wondering, why, for God’s sake, the Clients, pay big bucks to the hordes of ordinary bookkeepers who don’t have even a slightest idea on how to engineer and/or construct anything.
The bottom line is while they are good for general internal ISO-type audits, they are almost helpless, when dealing with outside contractor’s documentation and records…It was only recently I found that there are quite a few companies who do employ on their staff engineering/construction experts in support of their construction audits and those typically have NACA’s “CCA” accreditation. And that does makes a lot of sense!
So, better late than late never but I feel I found finally my kind of people in a right organization.

Have a great evening and stay safe!”