VIII.1 Organization of New Chapters

Local Association chapters are established by a charter, conferred by the Executive Board.  Names of chapters are subject to requests to the Executive Board; however, chapter numbers are issued in order of application approval.

Any group of individuals including at least 10 persons who are fellow or regular members, as provided in these Bylaws, who work or reside in any location of the world not conveniently served by an existing chapter, may petition the Executive Board for a charter to form a new chapter.

Upon review and approval by the Executive Board, a charter may be granted to the new chapter. Each chapter will be issued a unique charter number and, if approved, the requested chapter name or designation. Chapters will also be assigned specific geographic boundaries and those Association members in that geographic area. The Executive Board may from time to time adjust these boundaries and will consider any written request or position, prepared by a Chapter’s Board of Directors, at the time of establishment or adjustment.

VIII.2 Organization Costs

The Association may provide funds to assist in the organization of new Chapters in such amounts as may be determined by resolution of the Executive Board.  A Chapter Board of Directors may apply to the Executive Board for a one-time grant to assist with the organization of the Chapter and the Executive Board may grant such payment in their absolute and unfettered discretion.

VIII.3 Chapter Purpose

Chapter(s) shall coordinate and represent the Association’s interests locally and provide an active, visible presence in the local community. This presence shall primarily consist of providing a strong, active mechanism where construction auditing and management professionals may interact and network.

Chapter(s) shall, in coordination with the Association, organize membership recruitment within their geographic area, organize and coordinate member training and education within their geographic area, organize and coordinate fund-raising efforts within their geographic area and assist in the publication of the Association’s national newsletter by providing newsworthy items of local interest.

Of primary importance is the provision of the most cost effective, highest quality training to Association members assigned to the Chapter and to local professionals faced with construction auditing training requirements. Chapters shall make a substantial outreach effort to the public in their local communities.

VIII.4 Chapter Governance

Each chapter shall adopt its own Bylaws and establish its governing body. While some flexibility is envisioned, chapter Bylaws shall follow the basic precepts in the Association Bylaws promulgated by the Executive Board. Chapters shall ensure that a copy of their current Bylaws is on file at the Association’s National Office.

Chapter Bylaws, and any related amendments, require Executive Board written approval before implementation by a Chapter.  Any amendments to chapter Bylaws shall be provided to the Association’s National Office as soon as possible after ratification by the chapter membership.

VIII.5 Chapter Officers

Chapter officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such Directors-at-Large as the chapter membership decides. Chapter officers are automatically members of the Chapter Board of Directors.

VIII.6 Charter Revocation

The Executive Board shall have the right to revoke the charter of any Chapter under the following conditions:

1. If active membership in the Chapter falls below ten (10).

2. If Chapter activities do not conform to the objectives of the Association, as set forth by these Bylaws.

3. If Chapter Bylaws are not consistent with the Association’s Bylaws.

4. If the Chapter becomes inactive.

5. If three-quarters (3/4) of the Chapter’s members request such action.

VIII.7 Chapter Revenues

All Association members will be assigned to the chapter nearest to the member geographically. Of the dues paid to the Association by each member, a portion will be directed to the chapter to which the Association member has been assigned.

Each Chapter may assess, and collect dues in addition to the national dues paid by each member. However, such assessments must be submitted, in writing, together with justification, to the Executive Board, and be approved by the Executive Board, in writing, prior to implementation.

At the end of each fiscal year, all chapter funds in excess of $20,000 shall be remitted to the national office of the Association for re-direction by the Executive Board.

VIII.8 Chapter Financial Statements

Chapter Boards shall prepare or cause to be prepared, and present to the Executive Board, on an annual basis, financial statements for the past January 1 to December 31 fiscal year, and pro forma financial statements for the upcoming fiscal year. The financial statements shall include:

1. A budget for the upcoming year;

2. A statement of income and expenses;

3. A balance sheet; and,

4. A statement of changes in financial position.

Additionally, quarterly balance sheets, and income statements shall be prepared and forwarded to the national Vice-Chairman.

VIII.9 Chapter Dissolution

In the event of liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the business and affairs of an Association Chapter, whether voluntary or involuntary or by operation of law, the Board of Directors of the affected chapter shall, after paying or making provisions for payment of all liabilities of the chapter, make provision for the transfer of all assets to the national office of the Association.