In the last few years, the NACA leadership has taken a hard look at what we can do to maximize the benefits of an in-person conference at a reasonable cost for our members. One overwhelming consideration was how do we create an event that brings in more of our members and guests, while still offering the state-of-the-art training programs we are known for. This took us down many roads of conversation and examination of alternatives to the expensive hotels/venues we’ve used in the past.

This brought us on a search for what other groups our size now do in this new environment. Where does corporate America go for their hands on training events that incorporates convenient and popular locations, ease of travel and the amenities for a successful event?

Our digital travels took us to many US cities where we searched out locations that could offer our members and guests a real change to the mega expensive hotel option.

After much searching, we found such a place in a corner of northern Virginia near Dulles International Airport just west of Washington DC. Here we found a corporate campus with a state of the art conference and training facility and plenty of reasonably priced corporate hotel space.  Please spend some time reviewing the information on this page.

The Executive Conference & Training Center is where corporate Washington DC goes to learn. The facilities are also regular hosts to attendees from around the United States and the world, coming for training, networking and exchanging information with peers.










  • State of the art facilities for your comfort and opportunities to mingle.
  • All Day Beverage Service – Freshly brewed gourmet regular and decaffeinated coffees, premium hot teas, and a large selection of bottled juices, waters, and sodas
  • Enhanced Continental Breakfast – Start with a specialty hot breakfast item like eggs, and including an assortment of bakery fresh pastries, bagels, and muffins, along with fresh whole fruit, yogurt and cereal.
  • Deluxe Mid-Morning Break – Energizing snacks, such as whole fruit, assorted breakfast bars, and yogurt parfaits
  • Themed Buffet Lunch – Delicious menus prepared daily, and perfectly paired with two scrumptious dessert choices!
  • Deluxe Afternoon Break – Energizing mid-afternoon snacks, such as whole fruit, candy shop candies, assorted chips and crackers, and one fresh specialty item


There are three corporate level hotels either just across from or close by the ECTC. The SpringHill Suites is about .03 miles walk, while the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn are right near the ECTC. These hotels are a mainstay with the local communities and cater to business travelers. We think you will be impressed that the three are in many ways no less amenable to our previous locations but a very favorable nightly rate. Of course, for any attendees looking to more there are dozens of hotels near Dulles Airport. (Hotels.com)

Phone numbers to book your room are  on the accommodations page.