NACA members,

Even after a year we are still in a strange time, where what used to be automatic is not entirely secure, like planning a live event for instance. This reality applies to our 2021 Conference scheduled for September 20-22 in Nashville.

We know most of you are truly anxious for a live event and as of today we are a go to be in Nashville, but we also must be 100% sure. We need your help to keep moving forward. The executive committee needs hard numbers of expected attendees for their June 17 meeting. For those who are sure they plan to attend we need you to “vote” affirmative by registering for the Conference no later than June 15th. 

Please be aware that if we don’t go forward with the live conference then ALL registration funds will be either returned, credited towards a virtual event or pushed forward to 2022 [your choice].  Plus you can take advantage of the early bird discount!

Everyone’s safety is our top priority and we are in conversations with the hotel to make sure all recommended and required state issued guidelines are in place. A decision will be made based on registered attendees on August 1.

Please REGISTER here.


Thanks very much.