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Monday – Sept. 21



Session completed Construction in the Time of Crisis  Jake Ortego  CCA/CCP  


Session completed Beyond The Hard Hat: Construction Fraud Audit Analytics   Melissa Goddard CCA/CCP  


Session completed Effective Report Writing Vinson Chapman  CCA  



Tuesday- Sept. 22

Session completed The Role of Auditors in Construction Contract Negotiations Laura Rogers CCA
Session completed Mock -Mediation   John Sier JD CCP
Session completed Pick Your Poison, Construction Contracts and Potential Risks Laura Kiefer CCA/CCP & Henry Woods CCA/CCP

Wed – Sept. 23

Session completed No More Paper Pay Apps Adam Rouse CCA/CCP
Session completed Managing Construction Change Orders:  Fact or Fiction? Marvin Johnson CCA/CCP
Session completed Surety Bonds & Construction Audits: What Auditors need to know. Amar Patel CCA

Thursday- Sept. 24

Session completed How to Research Project Specifications, Submittals, and RFIs to Identify Potential Cost Recovery Audit Findings Rich Townsend CCA /Clay Addison
Session completed Value of Engaging Audit for Construction Projects Early Ed Travers CCA / Ken Brzozowski  CCA/CCP
Session completed Accounting and Control Requirements:  Achieving the Gold Standard John Wisz CCA/CCP

Monday – Sept. 28

Session completed Fraud Risk Assessment – Let’s talk about the F-word. Sarah Vendel
Session completed Bringing Clarity to the Foggy World of Construction Audit Tony Khoury CCA/CCP
Session completed The Lump Sum Conundrum:  Getting beyond the Façade John Wisz CCA/CCP

Tuesday – Sept. 29

Session completed Construction Monitoring: Identifying small issues before they become big problems. Alex Koltsov CCA
Session completed Fraud identification in construction internationally Felipe Andre I Gutierrez CCA
Session postponed Follow the LLC – Who is Your Actual Business Partner? Brad Sargent CCA / Jim Spencer CCA

Wed. – Sept. 30

Session completed Black Swan Risk: How Can Construction Auditors Assess the Unexpected? Paul Pettit CCA/CCP